Residents of Bagysh municipality supported the modernization of education

Residents of Bagysh municipality supported the modernization of education

For residents were presented 3 projects.

On January 20, 2015 the village assembly was held in the territory of Bagysh municipality of Suzak district in Jalal-Abad region, which provided the local communities with the information about achieved progress and done activities in 2014, implementation of a joint action plan (JAP) and its project for 2015-2017, and information from the group of participatory monitoring and evaluation (PM & E).

The total number of participants was 217 people, among which were 78 women and 13 deputies.

Participants of assembly were also provided with detailed description of 3 project proposals for implementation, aimed at improving the living conditions of local residents:

  • purchase of equipment for tractors
  • repair of internal roads
  • creation of conditions for modern education through the acquisition of equipment for the school.

The majority of the votes was given to the third project directed to education modernize.

As it was accented by the Chairman of Aldermen Council (Sud aksakalov) Sarykov Zh., he had noted the trend of growth and development. "Today I had the opportunity to compare - what happened in 2012, when it was really difficult to gather the local people, and today. There were so many people, wishing to participate that not all of them fit in the hall! Event was well-organized, and they used new technologies to improve the sound and perception. It was the first time when we didn’t only listen, but also see on the screen, - he said.