All of us are millionaires today!

All of us are millionaires today!

On 20 April 2016 in Bishkek the Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Switzerland in the Kyrgyz Republic Danielle Meuwly Monteleone awarded certificates worth 1 million soms each to the representatives of 17 municipalities of the Chui Province.

This support has been provided within the framework of the Swiss funded project "Voice of Citizens and Accountability of Local Self-Government: Budget Process" project and implemented by the Development Policy Institute.

Head of section of the Local Government Organizational Inspection Department of LSG of the Government of KR Bakirov Zhetigen emphasized the mechanism of transparency provided in the process of applications’ evaluation. He also recommended to the others to use this way during the competitions. “None of us knew what application was from which municipality. They were coded by numbers and letters. So, we did our best in order to be objective and identiify the best ones. We are grateful to our partner – Swiss Government  – for their assistance in LSG development in Kyrgyzstan. We deeply appreciate this support” – said he. 

Secretary of State of the State Agency for Local Self-Government and Inter-ethnic relations Sanzhar Ikramov called the local self-government basis of the state. He also congratulated all of municipalities with their awards and wish them every success.

Then the heads of winning 17 municipalities have signed and affixed their seals to the Grant agreements. Heads of municipalities expressed their gratitude VAP and the DPI specialists for their work in improving the knowledge and skills of representatives of local government and local communities.

At the end of his speech, the head of one of the municipality said "We are all here today - millionaires!".