The practice of local governments to support local initiatives

The practice of local governments to support local initiatives

On January 27, 2022, an online exchange of experience on this topic was held on the basis of the Portal of Best Practices of the LSG KR.

In order to exchange experience between LSG bodies on the implementation of the Local Initiative project, on January 27, 2022, an online meeting was organized on the LSG Best Practices Portal of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The meeting was attended by employees of LSG bodies, deputies of local keneshes, activists and leaders of local communities, the total number of which was over 90 people.

Video of the event is available at: 

Link to presentations:  

The participants were presented with examples of some rural municipalities:

  • Presentation by AO Orozbekov: “On the implementation of the Atam, Apam Zhana Men and Zhomoktorgo Sayakat projects (holding sports events and New Year’s events for preschool children), presenter: Elmira ASKAROVA, Deputy Head of the AO.
  • Presentation of AO Baetov: "On the implementation of the project "Local Initiative": Organization of lighting of common areas", presenter: OROZBEKOV Almaz, head of AO
  • Presentation of AO Zhany-Zhol: "On the implementation of the project" Local Initiative ": Improvement of streets (installation of benches, rubbish bins and lighting), presenter: AKMATOV Marat, executive secretary of JSC
  • Presentation of AO Kadzhi-Sai: “On the implementation of the project “Dance Studio for Children” (organization of a dance club aged 3 to 12 years), presenter: BAYGAZIEVA Chinara, ex-head of JSC

The event was organized as part of the support of the Union of Local Self-Government of the Kyrgyz Republic by the Project "Voice of Citizens and Accountability of Local Self-Government Bodies: Budget Process", funded by the Government of Switzerland and implemented by the Development Policy Institute.

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