The Small Grant Program 2017

Applications must be submitted to the office of the Development Policy Institute not later than March 27, 2017.

The Development Policy Institute implements the Project on Voice and Accountability Citizens’ Participation and Oversight of Budget Processes (hereinafter Project) financed by the Government of Switzerland.  

The overall goal of the Project is to ensure participation of citizens in budgetary processes and strengthen capacity of LSG in order to improve quality of municipal services. The Small Grant Program is conducted within the framework of this Project.

Aim of the Small Grant Program

The key aims of the Small Grant Program are the following:

  • Promote partnership between the local community and local self-governments to jointly identify and address priority issues;
  • Assist local self-governments in strengthening skills in planning, allocation and efficient financial management, in particular, in capital investments;
  • Assist local community in monitoring of the use of local finances financial (budgetary and extra-budgetary) by the local self-governments;
  • Address priority problems (physical improvement of infrastructure) related to local issues.

Target Purpose of the Grants

The Project grant funds are used to support the projects aimed at improving the living conditions of local communities. Project ideas must conform to the priorities identified with the participation of local communities through surveys, focus groups and participatory rural assessment sessions (PRA-sessions).


Any LSG of Chui oblasts are eligible to apply for participation in the Small Grant Program 

Duration of the Grant Projects: not more than 12 months

Grant Amount

The grant amount for one aiyl aimak is not more than 15,600 CHF.  The funds will be transferred in  Kyrgyz soms at the exchange rate of the commercial bank where the Project holds an account on the day of the transfer to the municipality.  Meanwhile the contribution of the community or proportion of funds allocated from the local budget to support the project should be not less than 10% of the total project cost. The contribution can be made both in terms of money, and in the form of material and labor resources. The applicant may submit only one application, the total requested amount shall not exceed the amount of the grant.

Deadline for Project Proposals

Applications must be submitted to the office of the Development Policy Institute not later than March 27, 2017.  

Regulations of the Small Grant Program 2017


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