Transparency and awareness - beginning of success

Transparency and awareness - beginning of success

About 60 people have participated in village gathering at Toguz-Toro AA of Jalal-Abad region.

About 60 people participated in a village gathering at Toguz-Toroo ayil aimak of Jalal-Abad region. The gathering was held in the building of high school in Lenin village. Among the participants there were local council deputies, Ayil okmotu employees, local residents and members of Initiative groups.

Members of Initiative groups presented to participants three project proposals aimed at improving the living conditions of ayil aimak and the local community as a whole.

After the project presentations an open vote took place, and as the results of which votes were distributed as follows: in the first place came the project "Transparency and awareness – beginning of success" which received 32 votes from the total number of voting. With a small gap in 27 votes the project "The shape of the village - level roads, clean streets" took second place. Unfortunately the project "Worker 2013" did not find support among the participants and did not receive a single vote.

This village gathering served as a model for neighboring Kara-Suu ayil aimak, whose 4 representatives were also present at the gathering. According to them, direct participation in the event gave them a lot, since they almost do not hold such events.

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