Street lightning is in priority in Lipenka!

Street lightning is in priority in Lipenka!

Such solution was accepted by inhabitants of village during the meeting on the 2nd of April 2013.

Lipenka ayil aimak is located in Jeti-Oguz district of Issyk-Kul region, in 35 km. away from the district center. Ayil aimak consists of 4 villages and its population is 4601 people.

In autumn 2012, Lipnka AO held PRA to determine needs of villages in “Voice of citizens and accountability” project framework, and on the event results priority issues and challenges were identified. As a result of the activities undertaken there were established Initiative groups, the members of which were tasked to develop project proposals, which later will be sent to participate in the “Voice of citizens and accountability” Small Grants Project competition.

At the village gathering held on April 2, 2013, 47 participants from all 4 villages of aimak attended it and there the three project proposals were presented:

“Good road is a way to success” - repair of roads.

• “Organization of pre-school education” - an organization of kindergarten and pre-school classes.

• “Bright village is a bright future” - installation of street lighting in three villages.

After the presentation of project proposals an open vote was held. As a result, the project on installation of street lightning “Bright village is a bright future” was selected by 39 voices; 4 voices supported repairing of roads; and the project on the organization of pre-school education was in third place.

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