Tort-Kul AA of the Issyk-Kul region for the first time held a public hearing

Public hearings on the topic "Implementation of the budget for 2011" was held January 27, 2012 in the high school’ hall in Tort-Kul village.

Development Policy Institute
Public hearings on the topic "Implementation of the budget for 2011" was held January 27, 2012 in the high school’ hall in Tort-Kul village.
The event was attended by over 150 people from among the representatives of various state and public organizations, members of the local Kenesh, farmers and entrepreneurs, youth, representatives of local community Tort-Kul AA. The event was held with the technical support of the Development policy institute in framework of the project "The voice and accountability of local self-government: the budget process, financed by the Swiss Government, in partnership with the British Department for International Development.

  • Successful organization of work on preparation and holding of the Public Hearing (PH) according to the program and all rules, which affected the efficiency of the event;
  • The residents of Tort-Kul AA received detailed information on the costs (detailed budget line), in particular, according to participants, for many was the news that only 917 thousand soms (around 5%) of the entire budget of the Tort-Kul AA which is 19,421.7 million soms, is their own profit, while other part of revenue generated from grants from the national budget.

In addition, many residents came as a surprise out of the total budget expenditures, 84% of expenditure is only for education.
“From the Development Foundation of the Issyk-Kul 5 million soms were allocated. These funds were used for the purchase of office equipment for the AO and the construction of a sports complex in the village Tuura-Suu. At present, the construction process of the facility is started” reported the head of the municipality.
At the end of the event, participants expressed their comments and suggestions to:

  • increase the cost of the First Aid Station (FAS)
  • additional funds for the repair of heating systems assembly and sports halls at Tort-Kul village school;
  • disclosure of information about the collection of tax payments by AA and expenditure of these funds
  • providing information on the defaulters on the use of Fund on land redistribution
  • the reasons for giving local budget funds for the courts of elders (aksakal).

"Given the fact that it was the first public hearing in the history of the Tort-Kul AA, we can note the positive results and achievement of the goal of the event - to demonstrate the openness of government and to bring to discussion and resolution of major issues of rural life of all layers of society" - said Gulyaim Shamshidinova, project consultant on LSG
Now, local self-government plans public hearings on one of the major and sensitive issues - the problem of garbage, which has accumulated a lot of unsolved problems. 

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