Aleksandrovka rural municipality in Chui valley launches a kindergarten with support of the Government of Switzerland

Aleksandrovka rural municipality in Chui valley launches a kindergarten with support of the Government of Switzerland

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Local self-government of Aleksandrovka launches a kindergarten in Besh-Koruk village as a result of the local community initiative “Kids’ friendship matters for the future of the Nation”.  The initiative was focused on providing adequate conditions for pre-school education and supported by the “Strengthening Voice and Accountability of Citizens’ Participation and Oversight of Budget Processes " project (VAP), funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by the Development Policy Institute.

“The new kindergarten is placed in a school building renovated to serve pre-school education needs of the Besh-Koruk 1182 villagers.   The school was built in 1988; in 2000 the building became an asset of the municipality, which lacked resources for maintenance and repair of this almost dilapidated building.  This is one of five schools in Aleksandrovka, where almost 17 000 people of different ethnic groups reside.  And all schools lack facilities for arrangement of pre-school preparation (for kids of 6 – 7 years before going to secondary school) and were overloaded with children of kindergarten age.  Meanwhile many families had to stay at home in order to look after their kids despite the fact of their weak financial condition.

In 2015 the municipality started cooperation with the VAP in implementation of the community engagement model.  Thus, during PRA (participatory rural assessment) citizens have raised the issue on necessity of opening the kindergarten in the village.  Thus, LSG put a priority in the action plan.  Seeking for solutions, community decided to use an old building of a school.  This required renovations, furniture, equipment, etc.  Following the priority LSG applied for a stimulating grant.  The stimulating grant in the amount of 1 808 600 soms and funds of local budget in the amount of 455 200 soms helped to replace the roof, windows and doors, heating and sewage systems, electricity supply network and basic decorations.  But that was not enough for the building to become a service provider. Conditions were not sufficient to receive children and operate as a kindergarten.  To achieve the goal the Imitative group designed a project to compete for funding.  At the village gathering the majority of the participants supported the project for the equipment procurement for the kindergarten, which also passed the competitive selection under the Small Grants Program of the VAP Project.  The total project cost amounted to 1 100 000 som, out of which 1 million KGS was allocated by the Small Grants Program and 100 000 KGS - from the local budget.   And now we have a fully equipped ready to operate kindergarten”, - says Daniyar Kainazarov, Deputy Head of AO.

The new kindergarten is ready to receive 100 children, there are 11 teachers and other staff hired.  For 2018 local budget allocated 961 500 soms for its operation, including 411 500 soms for construction of a playground and 550 000 soms for food.

All the procurement of equipment was done by LSG in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic. A staff member of Aiyl Okmotu was trained on public procurement processes organized by the VAP Project. As a result of the tenders conducted by Aleksandrovka Aiyl Okmotu the private entrepreneur Tsoy Valeri Nesterovich and “Azatmebel” company were selected to provide all equipment. Children’s furniture, kitchen equipment, blankets, office equipment, musical instruments were purchased under the project "Children’s friendship is the power of the nation”.

Mrs. Livaza R.M., Head of the Monitoring and Evaluation group says: “We could hardly believe that would ever happen.  It seemed to be a never come true dream. Kindergarten in our village seemed to be unreal.  But the dream came true and this is thanks to our partnership with the VAP, through which we became more active and started cooperation with LSG, which engaged us even in the budgetary process.  We see that AO and local deputies respond to our needs, solve our priorities.”

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