Local self-government of Ak-Muz municipality of naryn oblast will discuss joint action plan together with local community

Local self-government of Ak-Muz municipality of naryn oblast will discuss joint action plan together with local community

Local self-government of Ak-Muz aiyl aimak in At-Bashy rayon, Naryn oblast will discuss the Joint Action Plan (JAP) to address the identified priorities of the local community together with the citizens.

On November 9, 2017 at 9:30 a village gathering will start in the club building of Ak-Muz village in Ak-Muz aiyl aymak, during which LSG bodies and local community will discuss participatory assessed concerns of residents and planned actions on their resolution. Participants of the event will also discuss engagement of citizens in solving problems and in monitoring of the plan implementation, members of the formed initiative groups (IG) and joint monitoring and evaluation group (M&E Group).

During the gathering, specialists of aiyl okmotu (AO) will provide detailed information about results of the PRA sessions (priority rural assessment) and focus groups that involved all age and sex groups of the local population who met to identify priority problems of aiyl aimak. LSG body will also coordinate the lists of the IG members – LSG representatives and active residents who agreed to volunteer to address the priority problems of AA and monitor how priority concerns are being resolved. The key topic on the agenda of the gathering is the Joint action plan (JAP), which will outline steps for addressing each problem identified, including timelines, responsibilities and planed allocations of funds.

“Representatives of LSG bodies of neighboring aimaks who had been previously trained like Ak-Muz on PRA conduct, development of JAP, organization and facilitation of gatherings were invited to the gathering. With the aim of learning Ak-Muz’s experience in utilization of gained knowledge, the representatives of 2 target and 10 non-target municipalities of Naryn oblast that - partners of the “Voice of Citizens and Accountability of LSG: Budget Process” Project financed by the Government of Switzerland through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by the Development Policy Institute (hereinafter - the Project) will arrive at the gathering in Ak-Muz. After the village gathering, Ak-Muz LSG staff will talk more about their practice in transparency; preparation and conduct of information campaign and the gathering itself to have a good public discussion of LSG’s plans.   All guests as well as the hosting LSG as members of the practice sharing part of the event will discuss issues related to the public event organization and facilitation jointly with the VAP’s consultants. Regional representatives of SALSGIR and the LSG Union are also invited to participate in the event. A similar event is planned in Chaek aiyl aimak of Zhumgal rayon to be held on November 22, 2017” – commented Bekbolot Bekiev, Project Manager.

The LSG leadership of Ak-Muz AA also invites media representatives to participate in the gathering of the village for wide public information, which will allow the population to get the most objective and timely information about new mechanism of local community participation in addressing issues of local importance.

For more information about the event, please contact: Nurgul Jamakulova, Public Relations Specialist of the Project, tel: (0770) 771-711, e-mail: njamankulova@dpi.kg, website: www.vap.kg,


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