Small Grants Program within the Swiss Government project will be presented to local self-governments of Osh and Naryn oblasts

For more information please contact: Nurgul Jamankulova, Public Relations Specialist of the Project, tel.: (0770) 771-711,,

During the period from November 20 to December 2, 2017, there will be presentations of the Small Grants Program (SGP) in the territory of Osh and Naryn oblasts in the framework of the “Voice of Citizens and Accountability of Local Self-Governments: Budget Process” Project financed by the Government Switzerland through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) implemented by the Development Policy Institute (Project).

In order for LSG bodies in Osh and Naryn oblasts to learn about a possibility of obtaining additional funds for addressing issues of local importance, the Project invites leadership and staff of all aiyl aimaks of 12 rayons of two oblasts to the presentation of the Small Grants Program. The program operates on a competitive basis. During the events, all invited guests will gain information about the program's goals, mandatory conditions for successful participation, and procedure for selecting winners of the competition. All participants will receive necessary materials including an application form on CD.

“This year the Small Grants Program of the Project anticipates allocation of 35 million soms, which all executive bodies of local self-governments of Osh and Naryn oblasts can compete for taking part in this program and win 1 million soms for their project. Each AO can participate in the competition submitting two applications and qualify for two grants (2 million soms for 2 projects) . Grant funds are transferred to the account of the LSG body and must be strictly targeted at improving the living conditions of local communities. Project ideas should correspond to priorities of local communities as identified by LSGs with the population (during PRA-sessions), which is in line with the main goal of the Project – help LSG bodies manage public finances more transparently and efficiently through significant increase of citizen participation in the decision-making process. The Project’s Grant Program is a kind of simulator where LSG bodies learn to responsibly and efficiently manage investments from local budget aimed at developing infrastructure and improving service provision. The Project does not propose to reinvent “a new wheel”, but it encourages LSG bodies to approach the budget management including any investments as required by the principles of effective management: based on local community’s priority needs, in accordance with the law, maximum transparently and with full responsibility for the future outcome” said Sultan Mairambekov, the Project Grants Specialist.

Naryn Oblast

  • At-Bashy – 21.11.17
  • Naryn – 21.11.17
  • Ak-Talaa – 22.11.17
  • Zhumgal – 23.11.17
  • Kochkor – 24.11.17

Osh Oblast


  • Kara-Kulzha – 28.11.17
  • Uzgen – 28.11.17
  • Aravan – 29.11.17
  • Nookat – 29.11.17
  • Kara-Suu – 30.11.17
  • Alai – 30.11.17
  • Chon-Alai – 02.12.17
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